Chronicle Coffee

Chronicle was founded in twenty-sixteen embracing the specialty coffee movement. We understood coffee as the new wine. We travelled to new destinations to create responsible and sustainable relationships to know we can be truly proud of our coffee. Committed to small batch roasting, our boutique twenty-five-kilogram roaster ensures we can monitor and bring the best in every bean. There is no shortcut to creating the perfect balance, embracing post roast blending and 86-plus (Q-Graded) specialty coffees.

At Chronicle Coffee Roasters we strive to implement and promote ethics and practices that show respect for our environment and community. We respect our coffee lover’s and our farmers to educate and uplift people. We reduce waste, re-use and recycle. We also encourage our partners to implement sustainable programs from re-useable packaging options and renewable energy sources. We support and promote a culture of responsible sustainability at every touch point of our business operations. Chronicle Coffee Roasters have a continuous program of working with farmers to research, develop, share knowledge as well as giving back directly to our farmers.

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